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We’re Having a Game Swap, and You’re Invited!

As part of the Sunday morning Goblin Market slot, we’re inviting all attendees to participate in our Game Swap. For the uninitiated, a Game Swap is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: everyone with games they’d like to trade brings them in, and folks who are interested in trading for them offer their swaps. It’s a great opportunity to change out some of your library which has become a bit overplayed, and bring home new toys!

Basic FAQ:

  • Are there limits on what kind of games I can bring? We’re pretty open. Board games, RPGs, card games, even minis are OK. Just please make sure whatever you’re wanting to trade is complete and unbroken. Imagine how much it would suck to trade for someone else’s game, only to get it home and discover it was missing crucial pieces.
  • Can I take cash, instead? Sure, as long as you and anyone you make a deal with agree you can trade stuff, cash, or even work out a payment on Paypal or Venmo. Just understand that Scarefest is uninvolved in the actual transaction: it’s entirely between the two of you; we’re just facilitators for this event.
  • What’s the system? How is this organized? We will provide you with “Offerings” sheets, which allow you to list what it is you have for trade, and allow others to make offers underneath. At the end of the Swap (about 11:30 on Sunday morning), we will announce that all participants need to pick up their Offering sheets and choose any offers they would like to accept. Please contact your chosen Offering as quickly as possible to complete your trade before the beginning of the final gaming session.
  • What if I make an offer, they don’t accept, and I still want to trade? Don’t worry: while you’ve been making offers to swap, people have been filling out your sheet with offers. If an offer you make does not work out, you can still trade with anyone who offered you something.
  • Participant Signup If participants would like to list their trade items earlier in the convention, in order to facilitate interest, we’re working on a system for that.  Please let us know your interest by using the form below:


    Got other questions?

    Just ask, and we will do our best to answer. Your question might even make it onto this list.