AVL Scarefest Abettor Profile: SHAMEcover

SHAMEcover masksBeing a Scarefest Minion means you get to digitally “meet” lots of interesting creatures (“meeting” is much better than meeting, as meeting means going into The Outside, which as you probably know is a scary, scary place). We’ve gotten to chat online with serial killers and children, poets and programmers. But we really get our heart stuck in it when someone wants to support AVL Scarefest because…well, because it feels like they’re taking a tiny piece of our burden upon their shoulders and we’re somehow a little less alone in this endless, dank, dark hallway underneath the earth…

This year one of our earliest abettors is SHAMEcover.

SHAMEcover sphinx maskThe Overlord, after climbing through a disembodied mouth in the Catacombs and reappearing through a tiny door in the ceiling of the computer room, had developed strange ideas about this year’s Scarefest. We’re not privy to its reasoning, but it was made abundantly clear that Massive Mask Distribution (MMD) was required. How does one go about masking an entire convention worth of people? Why does one mask an entire convention full of people? Who could we call?

SHAMEcover came to our rescue. Based in Odessa, Ukraine (thank you, Internet), they have been crafting patterns for amazing, low-poly masks and selling them on Etsy for the last couple of years. And they are *amazing*. You know how it freaks you out when you wake up at 3 AM and a devil is sitting on the end of your bed staring at you? Well, imagine if that devil were low-poly. So much creepier.

SHAMEcover is a team of artists who describe themselves as being in love with life, fashion, nature, design, and craft:

SHAMEcover rabbit maskIt’s just magic to create something with our own hands, to embody our ideas…We are engaged in different things, and our project, SHAMEcover, has grown up with the idea to give people who have an interest in building their own art project the opportunity to create something in a highly inspirational and functional ‘step to step’ process…First we did the masks for ourselves and noticed that people were surprised by them; they did not know how to do it, but they really liked it! We do our best to design refined, realistic forms on the masks. We spend a lot of time prototyping each one to make the assembly simple for everyone, even someone building a mask for the first time.


SHAMEcover has generously agreed to work with us to distribute a copy of one of their mask patterns to everyone who buys a ticket. Yes, you have to put it together, but the pattern’s free! Stop whining. The Overlord says so.

SHAMEcover devil maskAlso, with Halloween coming up right after Scarefest, you might consider browsing their store for other mask options. You, too, could be the low-poly devil on the bedpost…