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Prize Peek 2018: It’s a small world…

Ah, so you’re back for the first installment of this year’s Prize Peek, hm? Wanting to see what awaits your clutching claws, hm. Well, come this way my little tardigrade, and we’ll see what there is to see… Let’s begin with this rather impressive looking brick (that’s a technical term) of miniature creatures from Miniature

SHAMEcover masks
AVL Scarefest Abettor Profile: SHAMEcover

Being a Scarefest Minion means you get to digitally “meet” lots of interesting creatures (“meeting” is much better than meeting, as meeting means going into The Outside, which as you probably know is a scary, scary place). We’ve gotten to chat online with serial killers and children, poets and programmers. But we really get our

Rainbow Bat!
Charity, Systems
AVL Scarefest Charity of Choice 2018: WNCCHS

At last year’s AVL Scarefest, the Pathfinder Society community was able to raise nearly $750 for a local charity, Manna Food Bank. And we thought to ourselves…hey, we can really do some good here, beyond just creating an excuse to let the Minions out of their bunker once a year. So this year, we’re opening