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We Miss You!

In any other year, you would all–right now, as we write this–be gathered in Freeland Hall at Montreat. Some of you would be wandering in late as the Goblin Market begins to wrap up. Some of you would already be deeply entrenched in a game, eyes wide, hands gesticulating with sleep-deprived abandon. Some of you

Minion Tale
A Minion Tale, Part 4: That Hilda

Hilda the Vampire’s role, officially, was Chief Decorator. As far as Minion #13 could determine, she had never been interviewed for this position, nor had she ever actually applied. She had been discovered one day behind a (not-yet-animate) paperwork stack, sucking all the ink out of a red ink cartridge. Given that Minions are not,

Endless coffee
Minion Tale
A Minion Tale, Part 3: Of Coffee and Mutations

The day began at 3AM. “One! One Especially Large Rodent! Ah Ah Ah!!” screamed the Yeti as he ran down the hall, presumably in chase of a mutant rat, aggressive squirrel, or overly optimistic applicant. Minion #13 sighed deeply, and rolled his head to the right. Two large, violet eyes peered back at him, over

Paperwork Monsters
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A Minion Tale, Part 2: The Inhabitants

Being a Minion consisted primarily of two things: ferrying paperwork and avoiding the Dark Overlord. The paperwork wasn’t that bad, really. The entire compound was devoted to the creation of a three-day event called Scarefest, which was apparently a lot like Halloween but longer and with better games. Minion #13 had never been to a