Prize Preview: Cryptworld

There is a palpable sense of foreboding in the late fall night. You approach the decrepit manor house; a faint glow in an upper window tells you more stirs here than just the rats. Your tentative steps make the rotten wood floor creak as you enter the broken door of the house. A growl greets you from within; that’s when you see the flash of fang in the lamp light.

Cryptworld and Rotworld RPGsCryptworld is a horror-based RPG that places you in the role of the investigator (or poor unwitting sap, your call) battling the forces of darkness…manifesting as classic horror movie monsters! Whether your favorite horror tales involved poltergeists or evil leprechauns, cannibal hillbillies or extraterrestrials, Cryptworld can bring you face to face with them…if you dare.

Goblinoid Games/Pacesetter has generously donated two core rule books + two Monsters Macabre monster expansion books this year.

But that’s not all! They have also donated a copy of Rotworld, their zombie apocalypse survival RPG:
…you pound the last nail in the board to secure the door even as the moaning and scratching becomes more frenzied outside. Honking in the driveway interrupts the sounds of undead hunger; peering through a window you see through the naked trees of fall that your husband, Ray, and the kids made it back.

“There must be a dozen rotters out there!” you observe in terror, as Ray leaps from the car, beating the dead walkers back with a tire iron to distract them from your two small children. The kids make it to the porch, just as one of the walking dead grasps Ray’s arm and rips a sickeningly large chunk of meat out with its teeth.

They said on the radio that their bite will always spread the infection. You open the door and the kids scamper inside, but you slam it shut just as Ray stumbles up.

“Wait!” his voice breaks.

But you know he’s already dead.

“That’s how we’ll survive.” you think, looking down at your two sobbing boys.

“It’s us or them.”

More details on both games can be found at their website right over here.