Prize Preview – Signed Wayne Reynolds print of Pathfinder Iconic Feiya
Feiya iconic art print

The print itself, signed by WAR (at Gencon 2016)

When Paizo started making adventure paths, they realized that they were asking artists for “A cleric who worships a sun god”, or “A fighter with two swords.”   As they started producing more and more products, including Rise of the Runelords, and preparing to release Pathfinder, a decision was made to create a single character for every class, so they could both give artists guidance, and give players some sense of continuity in all their products.  Thus were born The Iconics.   They needed the original, source art for each iconic created by a master, someone who would take the time to flesh them out, and focus on who they were down to every last detail of equipment hanging on their belts or affectation of the expression.  They hired famed fantasy artist Wayne Reynolds to complete this task.

Wayne's site as of Scarefest 2016

Wayne’s site as of Scarefest 2016

All the heavy hitters from the core rulebook most pathfinder players can name off the tip of their tongues, Harsk, Kyra, Amiri, Lim, Valeros.  But it wasn’t until the advanced class guide came out in 2010 that Wayne Reynolds drew an iconic he liked so much that he put it front and center on his website: Feiya, the witch iconic.

Pathfinder players may argue and debate if witches are too powerful with the slumber hex, or that their spell list itself is just inferior to other classes.  But no none ever says they don’t like the art.

This prize is a signed print by Wayne Reynolds brought back and donated to Scarefest by Venture Lieutenant Nick Baumeister of Fayetteville for a prize that Pathfinder players will love, and players from any game system can appreciate.