Prize Preview: Legendary Games Gothic Campaign Compendium

Legendary Games Gothic Campaign CompendiumLegendary Games is a team of top-notch authors and designers who create expansion settings for Pathfinder and 5th Edition D&D, and they’ve generously donated both a Gothic Campaign Compendium (which contains all the content shown right over here), and a separate copy of Feasting at Lantergeist (“A simple harvest festival in an unremarkable village turns horribly, terribly wrong”)!  The Gothic Compendium has so much good stuff packed into it, you could make it Halloween for your PCs all year long.  Check out this excerpt (from the Construct Codex):

Constructs at first seem like such simple creatures, mindless automatons brought to a semblance of life by the power of magic. Yet consider them again, in light of a horror-themed campaign. These are not creatures but things, soulless, pitiless, without fear, judgment, or mercy, brought to a horrifying mockery of life by forces beyond comprehension. Their animus bound unwilling by the eldritch experimentation of madmen, the accursed invocations of apostate heretics, or risen into being by the tormented hauntings of spirits unable to rest and unwilling to forget or forgive the miseries they suffered or perpetrated in life.

Mmmhmm.  You see what we’re saying.

Thanks so much, Legendary Games!