Prize Preview: Undead Prep Kit and Dragonkin Mini Set

D&D undead prep kitYou know how sometimes you’re going along with a solid D&D campaign, and you’ve spent some time in the pub where you picked up a job escorting this hot noble through dangerous territory, and you got attacked by trolls but it was totally not a problem (in fact, you leveled up!), and the hot noble kissed you (which made the whole table squirm), and then you fought some bugbears and that was pretty great, and then there was an evil wizard and OH, CRAP! WHY ARE THERE ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE?! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

Yep. We’ve all been there.  And now you can be prepared to either defend or inflict, with our Undead Prep Kit:  two informative tomes of undead lore (D&D 3.5 Heroes of Horror and Libris Mortis: The Book of the Dead); nine (9!) unpainted Reaper Bones minis [77053: Zombies (3), 77014: Zombies (2), 77146: Mummy Warrior (3), and 77147: Mummy Lich (1)]; and the War Games Factory Zombie Set.

Dragonkin mini setOn the other hand…maybe the undead aren’t your thing.  That’s cool.  No hard feelings.  So…you like dragony things?  Of course you do.  That’s, like, the #2 reason we play D&D.  So in that case, perhaps you’d prefer our Dragonkin Mini Set, featuring WyrmGear the clockwork dragon, and the Frost Wyrm.  Actually, WyrmGear the Clockwork Dragon and his Frost Wyrm sounds like a band.  Whoever wins this prize should totally make a video of them once they’re painted, rocking out to some strange indie rock or something…

Both these prizes were generously donated by Dragon Force Gaming, purveyor of many kinds of geek goods.  You can check out their full ebay listings right ovr here.  Thanks, Scott!