Rooms, Meal Tickets, and Planning…oh, my!

As we’re gearing up for the next Scarefest, we do have a few quick announcements to make!  More details to come later, but for now here’s your super-fast rundown:

Rooms at the Winsborough are currently on sale at the Early Roc rate!  This rate will hold through June, but then it goes up, so get yours now while the gettin’s good!


Yes, we heard you, and we have Meal Tickets!  No more running frantically out and back hoping you haven’t missed your next game sessions, just so you don’t starve to death.  You can get yours over here!


We’re currently working hard on getting foundation items organized and in place, but if you have a game you’d like to request, we’ve got a form for you right here, and if you’re interested in volunteering to run some games, come on over here and tell us all about it.