Two Weeks to AVL Scarefest: All the Last Calls!

We are just under two weeks out ’till this year’s Scarefest!  Hopefully you’re as excited as we are!  You can buy your ticket right up until the day of (The Wyvern’s Tale will be handling our registration at the door again this year, and will be selling tickets at a slight markup), though of course signing up earlier gives you the best shot at the games you want to play.

More urgently, however, we are heading up on the final deadline to reserve lodging and meal tickets for the weekend.  As of this writing, we have one room with 2 twin beds available at the Assembly Inn.  We also still have a handful of rooms available at the Winsborough Lodge.  This inexpensive accommodation is located right on campus, within easy walking distance of the gaming hall, and may make the difference between being a zombie by Sunday afternoon, and being a competent, thinking, living human who can still enjoy something other than devouring human brains.

Also, if you are coming for the entire weekend, we cannot endorse the meal ticket option strongly enough!  The only consistent complaint we had after last year’s Scarefest was that it was difficult to get out and get food and get back in time for the next game.  Meal tickets eliminate that hassle.  You can eat within minutes of where we’re gaming, and for some breaks we’re actually having the food brought down to the hall!  No more rush!  No more hassle!

Finally, we will be sending out information packet emails next weekend to everyone who has bought a ticket.  Please add info@avlscarefest.com to your address books and /or check your spam folders if you don’t see that email come in by next Monday (10/17).

Hope you’re gathering your costumes and your dice…we can’t wait to see you there!