AVL Scarefest Vaccine/Mask Policy

TL;DR: We will require a vaccination + at least one booster shot to attend, and we will be checking vaccination cards prior to entry. UPDATE: We will also admit those who have had their first two vaccination shots within 5 months of AVL Scarefest (if recently vaccinated, no booster is…

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Remembering the Mythos

It’s been two years since the last AVL Scarefest, and it is entirely possible that in that time you may have forgotten some of the things that make us special. Things that frequently get mentioned in our newsletters, FB posts, and program, and occasionally even become relevant if you want…

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AVL Scarefest 6 tickets on sale now!

AVL Scarefest 6

After the long, aching winter of the seemingly interminable Plague Years….AVL Scarefest is back!! Tickets are now on sale, along with accommodations and meal tickets. Keep an eye on our store for other interesting merchandise we are absolutely, very definitely, for sure going to post there. Like t-shirts. And possibly…

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