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On-site lodging and meal plans available.

Event Dates

October 20, 2023
October 22, 2023
Pre-party and set up on Oct. 19!

Event Location

Freeland Hall
Montreat Conference Center
318 Georgia Terrace
Montreat, NC

The spookiest little gaming con in the southeast

AVL Scarefest has been offering some of the best gaming experiences and the single most friendly and inclusive gaming community in our region since 2013 (with a couple of Plague years gone missing in there somewhere). We welcome you to join us for tabletop gaming running the gamut of hilarious to creepy to downright unnerving. Along the way maybe you'll run into our Yeti, get sucked into a LARP with one of the Minions, or find a treasure you never even knew you were looking for.

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Specially Featuring

The Yeti!

Everyone's favourite monster is back for more snowball fights and shenanigans.

Wizard Friends of AVL Scarefest

They saved us last year (with magically produced cupcakes!)...will they be able to fend off the dark once more?

Scarefest Stories

Highly acclaimed and custom written mini-megagames to leave our players with something disturbing to contemplate for an entire year!

Dolls. So many dolls...

Some people might say they're a bug, not a feature, but we're awfully fond of bugs 'round here...
Classic and modern games run by our stellar complement of Storytellers | Mind's Eye Theatre Vampire the Masquerade LARP | New to gaming? You are very welcome!


We're currently working on getting our schedule lined up for this year, but in the past we've offered many fabulous games, from the widely acclaimed to the rare and unusual, including:

  • D&D -- Pathfinder -- DCC
  • Call of Cthulhu -- The Whispering Vault -- Monster of the Week
  • World of Darkness -- Vaesen -- Torchbearer
  • Ghostbusters -- Old School Essentials -- Traveller
  • Savage Worlds -- Dread -- Tales From the Loop
  • Indie Games -- One Page RPGs -- Fiasco
  • Custom Games of varying degrees of weirdness and terror
  • Board Games of All Descriptions!


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We have several types of tickets available to suit your particular whims, from day passes for a brief visit to Honorary Minionhood with the Patron of AVL Scarefest passes. And don't forget GMs get 1/3 off the price of a weekend pass for each game they run!


We have a freakishly huge array of snacks and drinks available for purchase on site (and free tea and coffee!). We also sell meal tickets for buffet-style meals at the beautiful Assembly Inn for those who would rather not have to go looking for their next meal.


We have two different lodging options on site: the (notorious) Winsborough Lodge (probably haunted, definitely full of folks having a good time) and the more refined (and quieter) Assembly Inn. Choose your own adventure! And parking everywhere is free!


We have been told over and over again that our gamers are the nicest, most inclusive, most friendly and encouraging crowd most folks have ever encountered at a convention. And it's true! We can't take credit for that, but we certainly do take pride in it.

Stuff You Can Buy Right Now

Head on over to our Shop page to pick up:

  • Tickets!
  • On-Site Lodging
  • Meal Tickets
  • AVL Scarefest 7 T-Shirts!
  • AVL Scarefest environs fantasy maps

Stuff You Can Buy (At the Con)

As always our Minionettes will be selling snacks and drinks, as well as a small supply of t-shirts, commemorative posters, and other merch we come up with along the way.

Other vendors this year will include:

  • Wyvern's Tale (gaming supplies of all sorts)
  • Luthrilworks (wood and resin masterpieces)
  • Stay tuned for the full Goblin Market roster!

Rules & Safety

  • Under 12 years old must have a supervising adult with them at all times.
  • 12-15 years olds must have a responsible adult on site at all time.
  • Full FAQ can be found here.
  • Current purchase and COVID policies can be found here.

Dress Code

Costumes strongly encouraged...and rewarded.


Parking is free and available anywhere on site not explicitly marked off. There is a large parking lot a short walk from the gaming hall (but be warned that walk is all up hill).


We will be selling lodging at the Winsborough Lodge here on the site shortly, and will have instructions for purchasing rooms at Assembly Inn up at the same time (Assembly Inn rooms will be sold directly from Montreat this year).


Weekend passes are $65, and individual day passes will be available for $25.

Note that GMs get 1/3 off the price of a weekend pass for every game they offer to run!


The gaming hall is wheelchair accessible, as is Assembly Inn. The Winsborough Lodge sadly is not.



Purchase Tickets Before July 1

Get your tickets before June 1 and get 10% of the cost of a weekend pass (or several!) as a thank you for helping us get ready for this year's madness!

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We offer both weekend passes and day passes, and discounts for GMs! Please fill our our GM Signup form before ticket purchase if you are interested in running games for us.


Day Pass

Can't stay all weekend? That doesn't mean you can't still come and play! Choose Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
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Weekend Pass

This pass gets you in for all three days! Gaming! Yetis! Probably cupcakes! Other improbable things!
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Patron of AVL Scarefest

This level is here because a lot of people have said they love our con, our tickets are too cheap, and they want to do more. you go. Do more. We're gonna figure out some special stuff for you, too.
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News from the PAST

Don't worry; there will be news from the future here soon.

About Us

AVL Scarefest has been running for ten years now (with a couple years off for The Plague), and is a beloved gamer tradition just outside Asheville, NC. Featuring a range of gaming from tabletop RPGs to board games to LARPS to excape rooms to the genuinely indefinable, we strive to wrap it all in a welcoming community and spooky veneer.

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Event Location

  • Event Location
    Freeland Hall Montreat Conference Center 318 Georgia Terrace Montreat, NC
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