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What’s This Token System?

This year at Scarefest, we’re trying something new: we’re implementing a token system. And to be clear, by “tokens” we basically mean “raffle tickets”, but tokens is more in the spirit of the thing. Like…”a token of kindness”, or “a token of affection”. That sort of thing.

How do I get tokens?

“I don’t know, Shadow…I clean and clean and no one ever gives me a token…”

You get tokens for being a fabulous person and doing awesome things.

For starters, you get a token with your ticket, because you’re awesome for buying a ticket. So when you walk in the door and grab your packet from registration, there will be a token in there! You get an additional token if you show up in costume (yes, that can mean three tokens over three days if you come in costume all three days). Each GM will have a token to give away for every game they run, and they will give it to a player who does a great job role-playing, helping the party, helping other players, or contributing to the story in some other notable way. All players are also encouraged to give away their tokens; if someone saves your character by jumping in front of a train and shoving them out of the way, or contributes their own loot to bring your character back to life, or just makes you laugh and laugh…go ahead and give ’em a token. You’ll get more, especially as everyone embraces the idea. Also, official Minions may give you a token for doing something helpful around the con in general, at their discretion. We haven’t forgotten the folks who took out the trash when it was overflowing or helped take down decorations last year.

Why do I want tokens?

Most importantly, if you have a lot of tokens (or at least have them in passing), you’ve done a lot of great things (see above). So you should feel super good about yourself.

This came up on a search for “loot”. Seriously. That’s what it’s like to be a Minion.

Also possibly of interest, however, is the fact that you can trade in your tokens for a chance at winning amazing prizes. When you arrive at the conference, you’ll notice along one wall a Table of Loot. On it are many wonderful items donated by craftsmen, game developers, and locals who just have really good hearts and want to give something to our little community. Each item (or group of items) will have a box in front of it where you can deposit your tokens, and a sign indicating at what time the drawing for that item will be. So you choose where you want your tokens to go, in exchange for better or worse odds for a particular prize. We’ll announce prize winners in between each session at Scarefest.

And that’s it! Give away your tokens to awesome people, get tokens for being awesome, at some point put a few in a box and hopefully you’ll win a prize. You can check out our prize contributors right over here.